Bright And Colorful Roadside Beacons

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Did you know that the tall lighthouse tower at the edge of a rocky cliff overlooking the rough seas below is a beacon? Just off the coast where the waters really start to get choppy, you’ll have those too. Of course, they’re much smaller, but they also have a bright, very bright light rotating. It can be sighted from quite a distance. It’s cone or triangular shape should remind you of those you often see alongside your busy road networks.

They are usually those plastic orange cones that every road traffic official, breakdown service operator, emergency rescue worker and roadside building contractor is obligated to put in place to warn oncoming traffic. But you have to wonder whether this is going to be enough. Of course road traffic officials will know better than most. They are on the spot to assess the immediate situation. And if they feel that the building contractor should utilize a 24-hour roadside assistance prattville al service, then so be it.

Everyone is better off following the dictates of the law. This 24-hour roadside assistance setup can take two forms. Long after contracting work is closed for the day, and especially at night, this service will have put in place its own version of beacons. Only these should be a lot more visible and brighter than the conventional cones and road barriers. And yet still, you could wonder if even this is going to be enough.

And this brings this note round to the second alternative. Just like security guards placed on duty after hours on the commercial premises, it will bring peace and mind to isolated road users as well as the contractors in knowing that manned shift patrols are also shining a light at the traffic.